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Doors and Windows is intended for a mature audience.
This series contains foul language, nudity, graphic violence, chain smoking, murder, the occult, alcohol abuse, and adult situations.

Do not read on if any or all of these things offend you.


Chapter 1 - How It All Went to Hell
In which our tale begins.

Chapter 2 - Nothing New
In which we meet Short Eddie.

Chapter 3 - Blood on the Sidewalk
In which we meet David Corregio.

Chapter 4 - Geeks and Losers
In which clues are revealed.

Chapter 5 - Nothing Like This
In which things turn nasty.

Chapter 6 - Good Cop Bad Cop
In which we meet Marc O'Conner.

Chapter 7 - Doing Fine
In which Jack learns something unpleasant.

Chapter 8 - Never Got a Chance
In which someone dies.

Chapter 9 - The Sexiest Broad This Side of Heaven
In which we meet Victoria Lamont.

Chapter 10 - Didn't Like It
In which we meet Lucius Von Burgen.

Chapter 11 - Lillies
In which Jack gets fucked.

Chapter 12 - Sick and Tired
In which Jack ruminates.

Chapter 13 - Looking Through a Window
In which the plot thickens.

Chapter 14 - Black Magic
In which we meet Omar Hazim.

Chapter 15 - Some Answers
In which we revisit an old friend.

Chapter 16 - Unloaded
In which David Corregio returns.

Chapter 17 - Didn't Expect Me
A brief interlude.

Chapter 18 - Felt Fine
In which Jack awakens.

Chapter 19 - Dark Brown Eyes
In which mysteries are revealed.

Chapter 20 - My Worst Fears
In which clues come together.

Chapter 21 - In Over My Head
In which much is explained.

Chapter 22 - Poor Wretch
In which we meet Mr. Carfax.

Chapter 23 - The Happy Couple
In which Jack confronts our villain.

Chapter 24 - The Conduit
In which tables are turned.

Chapter 25 - Agony
In which shit gets ugly.

Chapter 26 - Ring of Fire
In which we find young Danny Carfax.

Chapter 27 - My Only Shot
In which a risk is taken.

Chapter 28 - Over
In which order is restored.

Chapter 29 - Two Quick Shots
In which our tale ends.



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